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Hi! I'm Hratchja

With my Hr. Tonian collections I try to signify my vision of how an individual expresses his individualism. Elegant, timeless and luxurious. I try to imply the classic elegant silhouette to each dress I create. With this in mind, I hope to create a new basis for women clothing. Each design is neatly assembled with a Haute Couture finishing touch. Every design is unique, and one of a kind.

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“It’s not about being trendy in fashion, but being able to express yourself as an individual.”


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who am i

“It’s not about being trendy in fashion, but being able to express yourself as an individual.”

Hratchja Tonian Howhanissian

I was born on 29 May 1985 in the former Soviet Union.  In 1993, my family immigrated in the Netherlands in the hope for a better future.  Growing up, I always had artististic interests from creating my own dance group at a young age to drawing theatrical designs.  I soon discovered my passion for fashion replaced activities, which included designing my own work, my extreme interest in the history of fashion throughout the years and most important, my admiration to Haute Couture.  I feel strongly positive about my ability to contribute to the fashion industry.

what i create

unique &one of kind


Characterize by abundance and often extravagantly rich and and varied


I will never duplicate a creation, all my work is unique and unexampled


My work is abiding and not affected by changes in the fashion world


what my clients say

I like and love your unique creations.  How thorough and neatly every piece is made.  The neatness in your drawings and the selection of the colors and the high quality materials.  I am very happy with my silk coat jacket, cause it is not just a clothing but a jewel in my wardrobe.  Thank you.

Christina As

Love the dress so much.  I couldn’t be happier with it on our specail day.  Thanks to Hratchja Tonian Howhanissian

Bahar Afshari

Echt couture en een heel eigen style.  Kenmerkend voor een goede ontwerper

Marianne Gerrits

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my latest creation

Equilibrium Collection



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